A Timeless Collection of Equestrian Heritage...

My vintage store is all about shaping a narrative around the tremendous historical significance and meaning the Equestrian Lifestyle can and has inspired in the past century or so. Offering  items that have been created by artisans decades ago to celebrate the horse-human relationship is my life's passion; and showcasing designers and looks that represent the simple elegance of this lifestyle and how these pieces can be incorporated into modern day looks satisfies my fashion sense and style and bestows honor on the lifestyle of the Equestrian. 

The Equestrian lifestyle is about an attitude, a statement without words that describes a time and a place when we all share a secret that tells us the world is ours to define. 

The Equestrian Lifestyle It is a look that transcends time and makes you feel beautiful and worthy and handsome with tailored lines and sporting cuts. 

The Equestrian Lifestyle allows us to connect to our unending past and create a current story of our journey with the amazing animals we call horses. 

Our store is located on a stunning 80 acre horse ranch called Wildwood Farm on Whidbey Island in Washington State - just north of Seattle and the gateway to the San Juan Islands. Our store compliments the activities at the ranch that include a B&B, recreational riding, workshops, riding and training, and boarding for over 40 horses. 

We converted a 20 stall horse barn into our Saddlery, Streetwear and Vintage shop - all catering to the many diverse horse enthusiasts that visit our ranch. With a wood stove for heat and high lofted pine board ceilings and wide wood plank floor, our store is a place as finely appointed as a shop on 5th Avenue, but with that fantastic country appeal. 

The Noble Horse Vintage is just one part of a very large vision to provide an opportunity for everyone to experience the gift of horses and the Equestrian Lifestyle

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