Vintage Book “The Horse of the Americas” by Robert M. Denhardt (Rare)– 1975


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This fascinating book was first written in 1947 as a thorough, historical reference to the arrival, spread and development of the Spanish horses in the Americas, and the part the Western horse has played in the development of the Americas. Originally published in 1947 with three total printings through 1949, over a quarter of a century the book became in high demand and was quite rare. In 1975 the author and publisher decided to re-introduce a new, revised edition that would bring the reader up-to-date on the Western breeds developed in whole or part from the Spanish horse. Written by Robert M. Denhardt and published by the University of Oklahoma press, this hard-cover book is the first edition, new edition published in 1975. 14 chapters cover the beginnings of the Spanish History of the horse from Columbus and the Caballeros, to the various breeds and influences the Spanish horse has had on modern breeding. This book is hardcover, 343 pages that includes appendices, maps and illustrations. Book is in very good condition with the following notes: There is no dust cover, and the pages are slightly warped due to moisture sometime in the past with some water stains; pages are all intact and in very good condition, no tears or pages sticking together, etc. This book is extremely rare with only a handful available today.

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