Vintage Saddle Cavalry 1930 US Army 3rd Division Officer’s Training


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This is a very rare Officer’s Training saddle manufactured by Jeffersonville Quarter master Depot in Jeffersonville, Indiana. After 1920 all saddles and horse equipment production for the U.S. Army was moved to J.Q.M.D, one of two depots used for manufacture, storage and issue of supplies and equipment, and also repairs for all officer’s riding saddles through the Leather Equipment Branch. In 1930 this depot housed more than 3,000 saddles for the military. This saddle was not an item of issue as officers of this period were required to purchase their own saddle equipment, and many were customized to the requirements of the purchasing officer. The owner of this saddle was most likely part of the 3rd Cavalry Division 1927-1940 that was created from the perceived need for additional cavalry units in the interwar period. At the time this saddle was made the Chief of Cavalry, a fairly new designation in the Army, was Guy V. Henry, Jr who held this position from 1930 thru 1934; J.Q.M.D. was officially closed in 1958. This saddle is close to 90 years old and in very good condition; the leather used on these saddles was most likely pig-hide which is extremely durable and thick, and the leather panels underneath the seat structure consists of compressed wool felt. The tree is made of wood as was the normal design for that era, and there is rawhide trim on the cantle (back) of the saddle for protection when the officer would swing his leg over the saddle while mounting. Three short leather billets beneath the jockey flap would have attached to a mohair or wool stringed girth; I have attached a photo from the Handbook for Quartermasters-1930 of what this saddle looked like from the depot. To completely refurbish this saddle some repairs will be required: The leather seat panels need to be re-stitched and the left wool panel in front needs to be reattached/stitched to the sweat flap near the billets. A truly rare and fantastic collector’s piece seeped in Equestrian history. Seat size is 18 ½.

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