Vintage Horse Figurine Pewter Ampersand


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Not much can be found about the origins of the Ampersand Company, but suffice it to say they have been making Pewter products since the turn of the 20th Century. Pewter is known as a malleable metal alloy and consists of 85-99% tin, combined with copper, antimony, bismuth and, less common for current day, lead. The pewter pieces that contained more lead have a more bluish tint like this lovely little expressive horse figurine, which also accredits the sizeable weight for such a little figurine. Artfully created with stylized form, this little guy may have had a unicorn horn at one time because there is a flat circular piece on his forehead and his hooves are cloven– or perhaps someone tried to put one on in his storied past. However this does not distract from the simple beauty and elegance of this piece, sure to find its place in your curio or as a packable good luck charm. Circa 1960s, Made in USA. Measures 1 ¾ inches long x 1 inch wide x 3 inches tall.

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