Vintage Stirrups Spanish Conquistador Saddle Brass


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Pieces like these have become highly collectible not only by Equestrian enthusiasts, but antique aficionados all over the world. The use of the enclosed stirrups for the mounted horseman served the purpose of providing a firm, solid base platform for him to stand up in the saddle while wielding his sword, charging with a lance or shooting arrows while also providing armor to the feet. The Spanish Conquistadors brought this type of stirrup as part of their horse equipment to the New World – and savvy horsemen continued to produce them after their arrival well into the early 1900s. Bronze or brass was used instead of iron to prevent rusting, and the brass/bronze metal proved to be easier to decorate. This pair of authentic Brass Stirrups appear to be hand forged with a square toe and floral etching detail on top, brass/bronze composite, lovely condition with some of the brassiness wearing off due to age. Sold as a pair only, circa early 1900s, each stirrup measures 11 ½ inches long x 4 inches wide x 5 inches tall.

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