Vintage Ashtray Horseshoe 1938 The Great N.C.R. Derby Chrome


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With the limited information out there on this treasure, what can be pieced together is that this is most likely a souvenir from a Derby that the National Cash Register company sponsored in 1938 in Ohio. The company created an elite sales team dubbed the “American Selling Force” who were commissioned and known for their delivery of the standard “N.C.R. Primer” sales script. It was not uncommon for large businesses like this to sponsor sporting events as many of their target market were small business owners who enjoyed the racing scene. This ashtray is in very good condition with some tarnishing on the inside where the cigarettes would lay, but still shiny and no rust to be found. This item is rather rare, with only 2 found in circulation and both sold at auction. Circa 1938, made in USA. Measures 3 x 3 ¾ x 1 inches.

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