Antique Silver Horseshoe Button 1880s 3-Way Necklace/Bracelet/Pendant Leather Cord


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The tale goes that centuries ago the horseshoe was used as a marker for the abundance of the household in which the shoe was displayed. If the horseshoe was displayed open side down then the household had plenty of prosperity and did not need to contain more than their share; if the horseshoe was displayed open side up then there was little prosperity to contain and the household needed all it could have and could not spare any to neighbors. Regardless, this fabulous Victorian pendant shows the artistic detail buttons of this era had and were in high vogue at the turn of the century. Silver tone with sharp details, braided and smooth leather cords are adjustable from wrapped bracelet length to shorter necklace length to longer pendant length. Button is circa 1880s. Adjustable 8 to 18-36 inches, button measures 1 ¼ inches round.

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