Vintage Music Album: Nazareth The Fool Circle


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Nazareth are a Scottish hard rock band that was formed in 1968, whose most popular album of their career was 1975’s Hair of the Dog. The Fool Circle was their twelfth studio album released in February 1981 and this is a rare first press LP. The cover is of most interest with the surrealist Thoroughbred image and in an interview in 2013 artist Alan Schmidt talked about his inspiration for this album cover: “My visual response, if memory serves, was based on the idea of all life having come from the sea. Here, in the process of a totally surreal but visually coherent transformation, the sleek, thoroughbred lines of the racehorse morph cleanly into the even sleeker, primal form of the dolphin as both horse and rider — metaphors, perhaps, for the sophistication of life on Earth and the idea of fools and their gambled money being soon parted– are plunging back into the primordial depths.” Nazareth continues to tour today and regardless if you love their music or not, this cover would make a fabulous framed piece of art and apt to start many conversations. Album is in very good condition with one small notch in the bottom cover and one bent edge; record is wrapped in original paper showing lyrics.
C1980s, measures 12x12.

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