Vintage Decanter Ezra Brooks Tonopah, Nevada – 1972


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Titled “Me and Jim found Tonopah, Nevada” this lovely decanter commemorates the discovery of the small town of Tonopah in May 1900. History tells us that Jim Butler is credited for the founding of this community in 1900 with the discovery of silver-rich ore. The legendary tale of discovery tells that he went looking for his burro that had wandered off during the night and sought shelter near a rock outcropping. When Butler found him the next morning it is said he was so frustrated that he picked up a rock to throw it at the burro, noticing the rock was unusually heavy. He had stumbled upon the second-richest silver strike in Nevada History. Decanters like this were a way for distilleries to sell excess liquor and they are highly collectible today. Made with fine bone Heritage China, Jim’s head is removable for access to the (now empty) bottle and the cork has broken off and appears someone has tried to glue it in the past, but it is now loose and should be re-glued to assure it doesn’t fall off and break. Excellent condition with silver-gilded trim, C 1972, measures 9 ½ inches long x 3 inches wide x 9.5 inches tall.

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