Vintage Print Marshall Prim Etching by Henri Regnault– 1871


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This detailed wood-block print is from a publication called “The Graphic” in the June 14th, 1871 issue and was taken from the original engraving of General Prim and his gorgeous black steed during a tour of Spain in 1869 by Henri Regnault. This is from a genuine antique wood-cut engraving and is in excellent condition, ready for framing; the lines you may see in some of the older engraving/prints like this one are from the adjoining of woodblocks that were used to make the image. For efficiency of process (particularly for publications) of wood-cut engravings, several artists carved a section of the block of wood then the blocks were adjoined, stamped in ink then applied to the page. The occasional spots (foxing) are usual for engravings that are over 100 years old but they do not detract from the value or beauty of the print in any way. Measures 11x15 inches.

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