Vintage Collector’s Plate The Austrian Lipizzaner, Spode – 1988


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This lovely plate is the second issue in the Noble Horse Collection, a series of portraits of the world’s finest sporting breeds in their native countries. From a painting created exclusively for this collection by the well-known equine artist Susie Whitcombe, artfully rendered mare and foal in a springtime Austrian landscape. Each plate is hard-fired on Spode earthenware and each edition is strictly limited to 150 firing days. Signed on the front, and on the back of the plate the artist writes about the Lipizzaner, “The foals are born brown, and only gradually acquire their snow white coat.” This plate is numbered 3849B in the limited edition, 1988, excellent condition and framed in a rich walnut round frame that allows the plate to be displayed on the wall. Plate measures 8” round, frame measures 11 inches round.

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